GIEP 2015

GIEP 2015


To organize nationwide glaucoma courses designed and executed by The Glaucoma Society of India in order to spread basic as well as updated knowledge of glaucoma diagnosis and management.


Glaucoma is a chronic, potentially blinding disease with a variable rate of progression and severity in individual patients. Advances in diagnosis and therapy give us the ability for earlier diagnosis and better therapy that is less likely to affect the quality of life of the patient. While world over the need for surgical therapy is probably decreasing, economic and compliance issues would necessitate that surgery is still a predominant option in our country. The financial burden and the medical risks of treatment sometimes would overcome the benefits of treatment especially if there is overdiagnosis (because of the recent advances) or the disease is non-progressive. The course would emphasize the principles of diagnosis and management of glaucoma.

Target audience:

Target audience includes all ophthalmologists: private practitioners, Ophthalmologists in Private or Government Teaching Institutions and all residents/postgraduates.


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